Aniraj Consultancy provide all types of Business and Industry Registration and certification services.


We provide top service in the BIS/GST/MSME/NSIC/COMPANY Registration,Wpc Registration Consultants For Telecommunication, BEE Registration Consultants.


We are expertise in ISI/ISO/BEE Rating/NABH/NABL/ROHS/ICE/IDA/ IMA Certification Consultants.


WPC/ETA/Import Licence, FSSAI Food Licence, MCD/DPCC/Factory Licence, Drug Licence etc.

About Aniraj Consultancy Services

Aniraj Consultancy Services is an Electronics and IT Compliance Services Providing Company. We help the IT, Electronics and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers to get their products certified to meet all the compliance requirements as per the Indian Govt. Standards. We are expertise in BIS Registration, ISI Certification, WPC Approval, BEE Certification and ISO Registration.

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Actually What We Do

Our Main Services

we are expertise in BIS Registration, WPC Approval, ISI Certification and trading of Laboratory Equipment. ACS offers the most
reliable & effective means of solution to establish & grow the client’s business in Indian Market. Our strong commitment and thorough approach helps clients
to expand their footprint and fulfills the vision to bring their respective products and services to India.

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